I have PLENTY of time.


I have time. I have PLENTY of time.

I used to have stressful dreams before. I used to dream that I had do catch a plane or a train and everything that possible could mess up did. And I couldn’t catch the plane or the train or I had do rush like crazy.

Last night I had my travel dream again. We were to catch a plane. And I was a bit stressed about it but then somebody said: It doesn’t leave until 9 pm so we have PLENTY of time. And the relief I felt in my body was huge. When I woke up that’s the message that stayed in my conciousness. I have PLENTY of time.

For the first time in my grown up life I could feel it and understand it in my entire body. I have PLENTY of time. No need to rush. No need to stress. No need to hurry. What a relief!