15: Manifesting your dreamlife with Ashley Wood!


We are proud and honored to be guested by Ashley Wood in this episode. Ashley is our first international guest. She is Canadian and an International Akashic Records Reader, psychic intuitive and spiritual guide. She is also a podcast host of her own show Manifest This!

We’ve been listening to Ashley’s podcast for quite a while now and we can highly recommend it! We are especially found of her solo episodes. Not that her guests aren’t extraordinary too but Ashley has a lot of wisdom to share which be both enjoy to take part of.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ashley’s journey to live in alignment

  • How to manifest your dreamlife

  • A work day in Ashley’s life balancing being a mother to a 2y old

  • How we are all energy

  • What Ashley means when she says that she wants to take the woo out of the woo-woo in spirituality

  • How to have a mindful relationship to social media

Here is where you can connect to Ashley:

Website: Ashleywood.life

Instagram: _ashleywood

Join her Manifest This! Soul Circle on Facebook